Vlinders & Bijen

Fresh from Nature® is concerned about the future of bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects – and not just because we enjoy watching them busily searching for nectar. Bees, for example, have suffered greatly in recent years. Human activity is threatening bee populations with plant protection agents and diseases. When you buy a flowering plant from the Fresh from Nature® series, however, you can be assured that when these plants were bred or developed that this process considered not only characteristics that would satisfy people but also characteristics that would make the plants less susceptible to pests and diseases. Because this is the case with the flowers and plants from the Fresh from Nature® series, hardly any plant protection agents have to be used to grow them.

This is good for both the bees and a healthier environment! And, whether your garden is large or small, out in the country or in the city: all it needs is a few easy changes to make it a real paradise for insects. Especially when you add flowering plants from Fresh from Nature® series! Don’t forget, too, that a bee-friendly garden is also very beneficial for us since bees ensure the pollinating of crops and thus play a very important role in our food production.